Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What now???

Well after 6 months of training and preparing for the big night, it's now done!!! Last Friday night, I danced my little feet off in an effort to win the title of HopeSpring's Dancing With the Stars Champion 2009 (and of course to raise money for an excellent cause). And, just in case you've been sleeping since Saturday, I did just that!!! Not only did I win the huge trophy... I was also part of raising $22,000 for HopeSpring. I can't even tell you how great it feels to know that I was a part of an event that did so well. That's the real reward (okay... so it did feel pretty good to win too!!)

It truly was a great night. I danced well (only made one mistake in my rumba) and my partner Don didn't drop me on the dead man's drop!!! All of the people who are closest to me (with the exception of just a couple) were able to be there to cheer me on. And trust me... I could hear them loud and clear as I spun around the dance floor!!! Even my sister and niece made the trek all the way to K-town to witness it! 

So, it begs the question... what next? How will I fill my Monday nights and Sunday afternoons? I'm afraid I just don't know. I'm thinking of starting a post DWTS support group so what better times to meet? Hopefully Trish doesn't mind us crashing her place twice a week. I for one know that Don and Marie would definitely join me, as would Bryn... just to name a few. So, to my dancing family (as Linda calls us), I hope everyone is enjoying the fame that came with Friday night and I'll see you this Sunday at Trish's from 11 - 5!!! (Trish... leave the key under the mat when you leave for Cuba!!!)


  1. Wow! This looks even better from this perspective than it did from my vantage point.
    Love ya,

  2. Karma - I just watched your video and I started bawling! So damn proud of you and amazed by your talent & gracefulness you dancing queen. Tears streaming down my cheeks, I knew you'd be amazing, but you definitely surpassed my expectations girlfriend. I was there in spirit, that's for certain, and thank goodness for technology - I feel like I was in fact there. Love you.
    -Michou xo