Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dancing With the Local Chick - Revisited!!

So some of you may have been reading my blog 2 years ago when I participated in (and won!) a local Dancing With the Stars competition. If you haven't been following me that long, here's a recap of what happened:

Well, after that event was over in 2009, I was on Cloud 9! I was so thrilled to be a part of such an amazing night and thrilled I could, just by investing some of my time, have an impact on such an amazing organization. So, I agreed to Chair the organizing committee for last year's event. And even though I wasn't dancing, it was such an incredible night. We managed to raise even more money and the show was fantastic.

So, this year, when I was approached to be involved once again, in the final year of the show, I didn't hesitate at all to commit. However, this year, I'm not only on the committee, I'm strapping on the dancing shoes once again for the cause. It's a return of the best from the past 2 seasons. Meaning... I'm on the line to defend my title. I'll be dancing a Rumba and a Quickstep once again. When I signed up, I was told that my dances would be the same as they were 2 years ago and that we would rehearse for 2 months (just as a refresher), rather than the 6+ months we rehearsed the first time around. Well, after my first rehearsal on Monday, I am officially in panic mode. My dances are changing!!!! And I officially have 5 weeks until the dress rehearsal where we will perform for approximately 100 people! OMG!!!

So, stop by my blog once a week for an update on my progress. It should be entertaining if nothing else!!!! Oh, and if you want tickets for the event, please let me know. They're $50 each for a very fun evening and all money goes to Hopespring. The event is Friday, October 14.