Monday, October 11, 2010

Too much pressure?

We all want something great for our kids. Some start them in hockey at the age of 3 with the dreams of their child being the next Gretzky. Some, like this kid, strive to be the next Michael Jordan. Despite what the clip says, I find it hard to believe that his parents aren't pushing him even just a little bit to practice those 4 hours a day after school!

But I'm different.. I swear I am! Or at least I was until last week! I told myself when I had my babe that I would never pressure him into anything he didn't want to do. In fact, the hubs really wants little E to play hockey. Little E isn't so keen on the idea. So, I've gone to bat for him and I think Ronnio now agrees that as long as E can skate like a real Canadian, we're doing fine!

But now something big has happened that has changed all of this. E has turned a corner and there's no turning back. Now the pressure starts from me... BIG TIME! Can you say "the next Lance Armstrong"??? You be the judge!

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