Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DWTS Wrap Up

So the last time I wrote was the day of the big Dancing With the Stars event. I was nervous, excited and terrified all rolled into one ball of stress!!!! So I thought I'd just share with you how the night went!

If I had to pick a single word to describe the evening, it would be "amazing"! It truly was the best show of all 3 years this event has run. The dancing was fantastic, the hall was beautiful, our guest performers who sang brought me to tears, Everett Smith was simply breathtaking in his performances and incredibly insightful as our celebrity judge, and best of all, it looks like we've made significantly more money this year for Hopespring.

I have to admit, going into the evening I was feeling like I might be a bit sad that I wasn't dancing in the show this year. But honestly, it didn't matter. I was so excited to be there behind the scenes and had such an immense feeling of pride at my involvement in organizing such a well run, entertaining evening.

So, to all of you who came out and enjoyed the show, thank you so much for your support. To those extremely generous people who donated their time and helped out that evening, know that your time is greatly valued and often means the difference between a highly successful event and one that is just ok! And to those who donated prizes to our auction or sponsored one of our talented dance teams, your generosity is so greatly appreciated and is the main reason we significantly increased the financial success of our evening. Because of you, many more people will have access to the wonderful services that Hopespring offers to cancer patients and their family and caregivers.

Here's a segment of my closing speech that I feel sums up the evening well. Thanks again to everyone!

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